Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

ABOUT THIS PICTURE: TOPIC “BETWEEN”    Knew this belonged to this topic,  Woke up this morning with many thoughts about what it said to me.  Between one world and another. Between inside and out.  Between here and there. Between wanting and getting.

STAYING STRONG TIP: The young spend their days wanting out, wanting to be older, wanting the future.   We Cranky Old Folk tend to spend time on things past, we are not so eager for time to pass us on.  Wise ones, young or old, do best by being here now, but planning for a hoped for future.

The tip: Be here now, remember the good times, hope for the best future times.  Love all.

IMAGE BY ME: Ben at his parents. Wanting to be down on the driveway with his father and grandfather. 

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