Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

 365/6 PHOTO CHALLENGE —TOPIC OF THE WEEK–LAUNCH   To launch is defined as “to set in motion, to propel with force, hurl, to release or to send off.  Every child is released from the womb and sent off into the world.  Watching a child grow is beyond beauty, it is awe-inspiring. So I will be doing a week on children launching into life.  Here is a quote that seemed worth thinking about:

          There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings.
                                                                                                        Hodding Carter, Jr., Pulitzer Prize Winner

ABOUT THIS PICTURE  One of my sons, launching himself into the ocean.  Love that they love the water.

My mother claimed to swim with the life guards when hurricanes were churning up the Atlantic ocean around the Jersey shore.  Her family had a summer home there.  My brother tried teach me to swim one day by launching me out of a canoe into the Manasquan River.   The water was not over my head, but my brother took his time telling me that.  End result, absolute terror of water, deep shame at being “A sissy.”

Saddened my mother that I didn’t enjoy the water the way she did.

I finally forced myself to learn to swim in my teens.  Still don’t like water in my eyes, but with goggles will head out into the ocean, across lakes, into the deep end of swimming pools.  Love swimming, it is a great way to exercise at any age.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Launching often means risking.  As with so much in life you need both your heart and head deciding what risks to take.  People generally are risk takers or risk-avoiders.  Best to be in the middle, don’t let either fear or carelessness rule.  In other words “Look before you leap has always been good advice and remains so.

Share, like, and care and help me, yourself, and others get and stay strong.

Image by me:  Don’t want to be a tiresome Cranky Old Lady, and just focus on my kids and grands so email me some pictures of yours  launching into something send it to me as  jig peg attachment at [email protected]

It has to be your picture and to let me know how to identify you.  For reasons of privacy and safety, I will not name the children.


    • Thank you Chris. Launching is scary and fun. Can’t wait to see how Word Press is going to change the Daily Post Challenge, but until then am doing my own thing and having fun. And as I have noted on my blog, I am trying very hard to finish my novel by my birthday. Actually I am now working on clean up editing. I would love to have you read the prologue and the first chapter and then give me some honest feedback mainly about whether you want to keep reading. I am planning to pay a professional copy editor but wanted some in put from people I trust about interest and character authenticity.

      Please feel absolutely free to decline. It will not hurt my feelings at all.

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