Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

 365/6 PHOTO CHALLENGE —TOPIC OF THE WEEK–LAUNCH   To launch is defined as “to set in motion, to propel with force, hurl, to release or to send off.  Every child is released from the womb and sent off into the world.  But children get launched in so many  ways and their progress, their strength goes beyond beauty to awe-inspiring. So I will be doing a week on children launching into life.  Here is a quote that seemed worth thinking about:

          There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings.
                                                                                                        Hodding Carter, Jr., Pulitzer Prize Winner

Chris King one of my new-found blogging friends   (www.bridgesburning.wordpress) sent me this.  She called it :Launching into the Fast Lane.  Reminded me of  a  bit on aging often attributed to George Carlin’s bit on aging.  Snopes says not George, some unknown. The things you learn when blogging. Anyway, Georgie-not  said in essence, the young want to be older and the older want to be younger.  Only partially true.  Mr. Launching into the Fast Lane doesn’t look like he at all sure about getting into the driving bit.

Also made me remember my father trying to teach me to drive.  That lasted one test drive.  I wasn’t sure which of us  was going to have the heart attack.  He gasped in horror before every stop sign, on-coming  car, corner, red light, bicycle rider, pedestrian.

Every gasp terrified me, because I saw what frightened him and assume a car was bearing down on us from somewhere I couldn’t see.  We both left that lesson trembling.  Next day I signed up with our school’s driving instructor.  Think is name was Mr. Flagler– do see his blond hair, blue eyes and quiet demeaner.  Nerves of steal. We all had crushes on him.  Every time I parallel park, I thank him.  And then there was boy friend number one–Lee.  Sigh.  He broke my heart and I am grateful now.  Would not have been a good marriage.  Am also grateful, he taught me how to drive in snow. and well as the thrill of necking after the lesson. (Foreplay preparation.) What today’s children miss because so many rush to sex. As one of my foster children said. “Katherine, it only takes a minute.”  That when she asked to be tested for pregnancy and confessed to  having had sex in my pantry during an open house for those supervising us.  I guess that’s the true meaning of “Slam bang, thank you M’am,”  Another of my mother’s sayings I didn’t understand for many years.  But I digress.  My father never let me drive with him in the passenger seat again.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Launching often means risking.  As with so much in life you need both your heart and head deciding what risks to take.  People generally are risk takers or risk-avoiders.  Best to be in the middle, don’t let either fear or carelessness rule.  In other words “Look before you leap has always been good advice and remains so.

Share, like, and care and help me, yourself, and others get and stay strong.

IMAGE BY: Chris King : bridgesburning.wordpress  Thank you, Chris.

Don’t let me be a tiresome Cranky Old Lady, and just focus on my kids and grands.  Follow Chris’ example.  E-mail me some pictures of a child launching into something send it to me as  jig peg attachment at [email protected]

It has to be your picture and to let me know how to identify you.  For reasons of privacy and safety, I will not name the children.


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