Dogs teach children to be kind. Kindness spreads peace,

Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.


Every child should have two things: a dog, and a family willing to let the child  have one.

ABOUT THE PICTURE: Still remembering our Whisper who has moved on.    She brought peace to our house.   She also helped our Grands learn kindness.  Here she is with Grand Number One.  He was visiting from the east just after we had moved from the Bronx to Colorado.  Whisper taught him to pet gently.

She wasn’t a dog who loved kids, but she was patient and knew she had a job.  Some dogs nip when too much annoyed.  Whisper was too much a lady to do that; if she  walked away.  Timeouts are good for everyone.

We adopted her, or I should say she adopted us.  That is how most of our dogs have come to us.  Being dog-less is always a temporary state for us.  Fourteen years during a dog-less period, to get his daily dose of petting, David was walking dogs at one of the local shelters.  Whisper was the one he walked.  Dogs weren’t walked on long weekends and Memorial Day was starting.

“She looked so sad, when I started to leave.  She seemed to know I wouldn’t be able to walk her for a few days.”

Translation, “I couldn’t stand the idea of her being mostly locked up.”

So David, aka as Cranky Old Man (COM  and that also means Commander at times),  brought her home for the weekend.  Did he ask me?  No.  Cranky Old Lady (COL)  mind? No.  A human guest for the weekend would have been a different story and I might have out-cranked the COM on that one.

Any way, she approved of me and I was waiting for the right dog to find us.  She was the one.  She was nine months old and already trained.  Over-trained as a natter of fact.

Secret: COM stopped training dogs which was one way he made a living, because he ddin’t like being  over trained himself.  And believe me I tried.  He says I am the boss, but until I don’t have to wash dishes, I say “Liar, liar.” in response. Anyway, he does not like over-trained dogs. Whisper was so well trained, she would sleep in the living room when we were eating.  COM couldn’t take that.  He likes his dogs to eat what he doesn’t eat.  It  took two years on his part to get Whisper comfortable begging at the table.

I was very grateful to have at least one being in the house that would obey me without question.  Well trained will definitely be a requisite for the next dog that adopts us.

STAYING STRONG TIP: As the quote notes, dogs are good for children.  Research shows that is a fact.  Dogs give so much love, and ask so little in return, they have become prescribed therapy for many groups.  So that’s something I  promote as TRUE.  COL does not think many things merit being called THE TRUTH–opinion, faith, what I read, what some talking head is ranting about are possibly true but opinion is usually biased, faith is a hope, ranting is strong opinon and often mis-information.

That we all grow emotionally stronger if someone loves us unconditionally, but  has limits and will move away or nip if we don’t behave as one should to another being is TRUE.  And dogs are among the best creatures designed to love and limit.

And COL knows some of you haven’t been blessed with parents who gave you a dog to love and be loved by.  So thankful my mother did.  I was sad and lonely with no friends after we moved and I had to go to a new school.  Lady was my first dog’s name.  She was never cranky.  Here is the only picture I have of her, but memories of our ramblings together, still comfort.  Maybe she and Whisper are romping together and waiting for me to join them when my time comes.

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  1. Yes, dog’s do teach children to be kind, but they teach so much more than that also. I was brought up by my dog. My parent’s were never home because they both worked. My older brother (five years older) was supposed to take care of me (my dog and my brother didn’t get along) all the better for me, though. My dog lived to be sixteen years old and I was twelve when my parents had her put down. I went into shock over that one. All I remember is my mother slapping me in my face to bring me out of it. My whole life I have been an animal lover, but most of all a dog lover, and I can thank the dog who brought me up for the person I became. Growing up I was blessed with parents (mother mostly) who had the good sense to love the dog that in return loved and protected me. God bless all dogs who are treated as part of the family. Great post. Thanks!

    • Thank you. I have no recollection of how the Lady of my childhood died. But do know she was once hit by a car, I saw her flying through the air. She survived that. Dogs ran free then. Lady ran free, walked me to school and met me to walk me home. David hates having a dog leashed. He went on a hunger strike to make his family get him a dog and Prince says Prince saved his emotional life. They do keep us strong and teach us much about how to live. Thank you for commenting.

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