Breathe in focus, Hold, Think. Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.


ABOUT THE PICTURE  A simple reminder to give yourself as much praise and affection as you give to others.   Can’t do that,? Problem.  Can’t give love and affection?  Problem?  Someone gave you some but not enough.  Cranky Old Lady knows that is because they didn’t get enough.  Lots of us  don’t get all we deserve, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve.

Cranky Old Lady suggests time to stop being controlled by the past.  Do simple caring things for yourself but start small.


Self talk is the healthiest way to practice loving yourself.  Doesn’t cost any money, doesn’t involve any unhealthy feel good behaviors.

Cranking Old Lady say try some affirmations.  And yes, I know you have probably tried that and found them not useful.  I did and hated them.  But here’s a trick, start very small. When  we don’t feel we deserve love, affection, or  praise,  affirmations often ignite louder negative voices.   So try what worked for Cranky Old Lady. Remember the last time someone praised you and you discounted the praise. Cranky Old Lady does that a lot. Tell me you like the way I cooked the potatoes and I’ll begin wondering if the steak wasn’t good.  Do you do that?  Many of us do.  It is like the old joke about the woman  who bought her husband two ties.  When he put one on, she asked “What’s wrong with the other tie I gave you?”   Crazy.  And I do define crazy as not being kind to yourself or others.  Rejecting a compliment is not kind.

So here is the exercise.

  1.  For the next few days, say “Thank you when every one compliments you.  Listen for the discount and say to discounting self, “I deserved praise.”
  2. Sometimes even that is too much.  If your negative voice starts in again, say to yourself:  “You might not agree, but maybe I did deserve that, and I do deserve praise.”
  3. Don’t argue any further with negative voice.  End the discussing with, “I hear you.  good-bye for now.  “Busy yourself with something else.

Won’t work miracles, but should start a process that allows you to treat yourself with greater kindness.


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