Looking west toward the Rockies from Daniel's Park, Colorado. Not well focused, but contrast is there.

Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or  “Thank you.” 

TOPIC 72 Contrast: I took this about three weeks ago.  It was a warm enough day to be hiking a bit in light jackets.  I love the blues versus the white, and of course the trees reaching for the sun, but still caught in Winter’s grasp.

I have missed doing my Be With Beauty Pictures and thought this was an opportunity to re-start posting some.  I don’t plan at this point to do one a day, but when a bit dried up or tired, will take a break to send you one or another beautiful picture. Doesn’t need as much thought as some other posts. I will try to stick one way or another  with the Weekly Photo Challenge theme. Last week’s was distortion, do the fuzziness meets that criteria, and this week’s is contrast and think the blues and white have that.  Double duty.

Be With Beauty is one of my Emotional Fitness Training exercise.  Beauty is all around us, but too often we don’t notice.  The more often we pass something of beauty, the more we don’t see or appreciate it.  This exercise asks you to periodically stop and focus on whatever is beautiful where you are.

I am thinking of renaming the Exercise  “Seek Beauty.”  Why?  Thich Nan Hahn’s tells us “The rose is in the garbage, the garbage is in the rose.”  As the link shows he was thinking about our tendency to think in dualities.  A rose is beautiful and garbage ugly.  But we can step out of the duality be remembering the rose will die, decay become garbage and from garbage eventually comes soil, seeds, and roses.  .

STAYING STRONG TIP I don’t live in a fancy house, decorated so it can be featured in House Beautiful, let alone Architecture Digest.  I have never lived in that kind of house, and have never been very comfortable when visiting one.

I have lived in some that have been bigger and fancier than my current apartment and a few that when clean came close to House Beautiful perfection, but that is not my style.

I do want clutter a bit controlled, and dirt not visible, but comfort and function combined with some freedom to live suit me best.  Equally  it is very important that wherever I sit, I can see something of beauty.  I have sitting around me as I type a piece of coral; a jar of sea shells, mostly pink; an  origami rose an employee made for me; a hunk of unpolished green rock picked up at Jade Beach, a picture postcard of bleeding hearts and some pictures of loved ones. I

Every room of my house has similar collections.  I delight in adding or subtracting or rearranging what I find of beauty. Do the same, surround yourself with beauty.  Then make a practice of seeking it, seeing it, being with it.  Life is too short to stay with the ugly.

FUEL MY HOPES: Practice kindness and strengthen both of us.   Like, comment, or share. Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.


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