Breathe in, focus, hold, think about what matters, breathe out, smile and say “Thank You.”

TOPIC 92 ARRANGEMENTS  Another of Be with Beauty Photographer Trevor O’Keefe’s arrangements.  He is making my life easy today. Most I can just copy yesterday’s post. Thank you Trevor.

Creating a rock arrangement is a Zen exercise.  Teaches you patience and balance.  And as for me, rocks remind me of the awe of this world and what a dot I am in the times of sand. but how lucky I am to be that particular dot and part of it all and one with it all.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Being with Beauty keeps you strong. Creating beauty keeps you stronger.

Here is a sample of a Zen Desk Garden, but you don’t need a fancy sand pile, just a pile of small rocks you can stack or otherwise arrange works.  Very helpful when you need a minute or two of thinking time.

PRACTICING  KINDNESS ALSO KEEP YOU STRONG.  Be kind to me, share my  12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises. Grow strong and help me do the same.  

IMAGE BY: Trevor O’Keefe

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