Focus, breathe in, hold, breathe out, smile, say “Ahhhh” and “Thank you.”


Cleaning up some files and found this of our Whisper, enjoying a quick dip in the Gulf of Mexico on our trip west.  May not be your idea of beauty, but part of the Emotional Fitness Exercise Be With Beauty is a reminder that beauty is everywhere.  Enlarge the picture and see how the water sparkles, enjoy the green reeds and then the pattern of the white twigs, the brown ripples in the water, the silver ripples, Whisper’s shiny coat, finally enjoy any good memories of beautiful times brought forth by thoughts of water, sun, a pet, a special friendship or a trip somewhere.

Too often we let beauty slide by us un-appreciated, but it is always there for eyes that will look and hearts that will stay open.  Thich Nah Hahn says one should be able to see the rose in the garbage.  It can be done.  Stay strong.

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