Be With The Beauty of Change

To be fully with beauty, focus, breathe in slowly, hold your breathe, stay focused, breathe out slowly, breathe normally, smile softly, and say “Thank you.”

Think about how you can change for the better as you enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves.

Emotional Fitness Training Thoughts

Beauty is all around us. Some time it is hidden. But as Thich Nah Hahn says in his book the Present Moment Wonderful Moment:

The fragrant rose and the stinking garbage are two sides of the same existence. Without one, the other cannot be. Everything is in transformation. The rose that wilts after six days will become a part of the garbage. After six months the garbage is transformed into a rose. When we speak of impermanence, we understand that everything is in transformation. This becomes that, and that becomes this.

Moreover, depending on how  or where you look, beauty can be found wherever you are. It only takes practice and the will to look carefully.


Children as soon as they can walk become fascinated with the wonders of our world. Encourage their curiosity and appreciation of beauty.  Share what you find beautiful. As the child matures, share where you have found beauty in what does not always seem beautiful.


Kindness improves emotional fitness and the ability to withstand life’s bad times.  You can practice kindness right now by liking, commenting, or sharing this post.

Thank you and work at staying strong until next time.  I work on doing that all the time.


Million Dollar Question: Why do you blog.

My answer. To share knowledge and beauty, and #emotionalintelligence improving exercises. And yes, to promote Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.


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