Be Your Own Doctor – Six Things To Think About

Health is a blessing. But like many blessings, it needs a bit of help from the “experts” to maintain and you are the main expert on you.

Quotes about medicine

Every person’s genetic make-up is unique; every person’s history is unique: every person’s being is unique. Medicine is formulaic, structured for all. This means you must be the final judge if  something the “experts” say will help you helps.

This means partnering with your doctor, but also learning all you can about what is known about something effecting your health.

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: It is your body, so own it. Do all the things your mother, father, teachers, and doctors tell you is good for your health.

Tip Two: It is your body, so listen to it.  

Tip Three: The experts know stuff you need to know. If a doctor paste a diagnosis on you, us the internet to study and learn as much about the disorder as you can. Some disorders are silent and if you doctor is worried, but you are not, the doctor most likely knows something you don’t know.

Tip Four: Be a skeptic. Be particularly wary of miracle promises. No one gets out of this world alive.

Many home or other “miracle” remedies help some,  but fail others. Those helped are often responding to the  is called the placebo effect – which boils down to believing in the proposed treatment.  Others seem to respond, but nature prevailed and without any treatment the problem was remedied.

But also be wary of medical advice. Medicine is an art as much as a science. Much of what was thought true a few years ago has turned out to be misleading, no true at all, or only true for a few.

Tip Five: Take the middle path. Extremes are rarely helpful. Think of the anorexic dieter, the buffed up gym-fanatic.

Tip Six: Do not neglect your emotional fitness, what many refer to as Emotional Intelligence.  Start by buying my eBook Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises. They are based on both what the sages of the ages have long preached, but also on what has been proven to be effective by evidenced based research.


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Thank you and work at staying strong until next time.  I work on doing that all the time.


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I used to feel  ashamed when my posts were less that perfect as they always are. As some of you know I have dysgraphia and that makes spelling and punctuation haphazard, even when using spell and grammar checks.  However, sharing the knowledge I spent 78 years acquiring tops the shame.


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