Being With Beauty is a self-soothing emotional fitness exercise designed to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence.

Be with beauty 2


Beauty is all around us, but we pass it by with hardly a glance.  To strengthen your Emotional Intelligence with this exercise requires focusing totally on what is beautiful. Then it becomes a mini-vacation and a pause that refreshes. Go here, for  a more detailed description of this and several other Emotional Fitness Exercises. Thank you for all you do to Practice Kindness. Liking, commenting, or sharing any social media you find helpful is one way to be kind. It may seem like a little, however, doing a little matters a lot.


This post was inspired by this DAILY PROMPT  “One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life.” What happens next?  I thought of  the picture posted above and that lead to Being With Beauty and a few moments calm and quiet by a river scene painted in cool blues to enhance calm.

As with all posters on EFTI’s blog, this one can be downloaded free from our store.



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