Here are the ten beliefs that lead me to develop and promote Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.

core beliefs

Four things determine who we are and how we act as people:

  1.  Our biology including our genes, the way our brains work, and what happens to our body’s as we walk through life.
  2. Our experiences meaning the people who we interact with, our culture, or social class, our successes and our failures.
  3. The beliefs we create from the above
  4. How we act on our beliefs.

Key to remember these four things constantly influence one another, so each of us is a complex tapestry of all four.  Often one thing can trump the other three.  

Many find it helpful to write a mission statement and a good way to start one is to think about and list the beliefs you hold dear.  I formulated the above list in terms of my hopes for my business.


Most of us are far stronger than we realize, but we all profit from working at it.  I know I have to keep at it, otherwise despair and lethargy pull be into a black holes.

For all you do to share and care, thank you.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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