Best Friend

Inspired by  Word Press’s DAILY PROMPT On Bees and Efs – Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Yes and here is the first and longest lasting.

Best friend.

This friendship started in Kindergarten, these pics are from jr high and high school

I am so lucky to have had this friend.  Wish I had pictures from Kindergarten, but WWII was raging then and don’t think much time was devoted in either of our families to taking pictures.

She taught me many lessons and and keeps me growing still as we both move toward our eighties.  She knows who she is.  Wonder if her children and grandchildren who are facebook friends of mine will recognize her.


Be thankful or all friends.  Let them know you care and are grateful for all they have given you.  Forgive and ask for forgiveness.  Love on.

Practice kindness, work every way you can to abolish hate.  Help me do the same by  liking, sharing, or commenting.


Image by Emotional Fitness Training Inc.


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