BEYOND OURSELVES … (via Simon Marsh)

The description of how we need to return to and treat the bible sounds a great deal like Torah study. Today is the saddest day in Jewish History, the Ninth Day of Av–the day the First and Second temples were destroyed, a day many other bad things happened to Jews across the centuries including their ouster from England and from Spain,.

As I sat in shul, I thought of Britain and the riots and prayed we would all learn to live not in greed, nor in competition for the true faith, but as brothers all seeking the light and trying to repair our small part of the world.

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Stay strong.

BEYOND OURSELVES ... NICK BAINES, the Bishop of Bradford, writing of events in the UK "from a distance" is one of those contemporary "seers" who speaks with the voice of sanity and reason. … It is no good to condemn what has gone wrong unless we can offer a realistic alternative that makes sense of the world, of our own experience, and links us to a greater community of human lives. Whichever narrative this might be, it will require … a text that takes us beyond … Read More

via Simon Marsh

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