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I know I haven’t been posting much. Aging finds me trying to do more but with less stamina. That said, I am hoping to use post some  Quick Posts like this one three or four times a week. Time will tell.

My main goals remain publishing several new books as well as turning some of my eBooks into paperbacks. A slow process as I haven’t won the lottery needed to hire editors and formators. Grateful, my brain mostly works and for the joy I find in writing and trying to share knowledge.

Amazon did turn When Good Kids Get You Into A Gotcha War into a paperback me. It costs less than a lotte and it is a good gift for parents of teens. Actually, as adults also try to get you into such wars, you might want it as an adult.  A Gotcha War is when someone pushes your buttons in an effort to get you to act crazy so they can feel superior and smug

Should you change to buy this or any of my other books please consider leaving a review. Thank you.





  1. Hi Katherine, I just discovered your parents are people too site when looking for a name for my own. love your philosophy and your articles as well as your spirit.
    I tried following the links to FB and LinkedIn but they didn’t appear to be working. Wondering if it is from my end? Also, are you on Instagram?
    Kind regards
    MotherMind: Practical Parenting and Mums Mental Health (currently M’s World: Mums and Mental Health)

    • Kate: Thank you. The problem is probably at this end. Aging is messing some stuff up; limited funds are not helping. Working hard on trying to update some ebooks and so neglecting my blogs, particularly PAPT. Would love to send you a copy of my revisions for my Family Meeting book. Let me know if you would like to read and comment. I think well run Family Meetings make parenting far less stressful. If you are on Facebook, try there. Start with my home page. Katherine Gordy Levine. I have a pages there for both PAPT and EFT.

  2. I just found you and love your website.

    So honest and down to earth.
    I am working on my life purpose which is to create connection and I assist women in building Emotional Confidence.

    I hope you are feeling better soon and I look forward to reading more.

    With loving kindness

    Iris Haynes
    Nurture Yourself Mentor

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