Reading Books Improves Emotional Intelligence

quotes about reading books I read lots. Much of the time my reading is done on my computer. I am grateful, that social media is making reading more popular. I recently finished a list for my blog that named most of the books I hold responsible for making me who I am. Need to add some fiction titles. Then will post it as a page of suggested reading. I found doing so useful in adding to my self-awareness.

For now here are five books that I re-read and that have kept me growing.

The Once and Future King by T.H. While. A compilation of writing he began as Hitler was gaining power. Powerful satire. I read it in 1959 and its lessons have stayed with me ever since. Used by Disney for many of his children’s movies about King Author. The Broadway show and movie Camelot were also drawn from it as was the darker movie Excaliber. The book is much better.

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard. If you read only one book on my list, make it this one. It is a quick read, full of wisdom that can be used immediately to give you and all you know access to better relationships and a better life. 

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl. As a concentration camp survivor and a psychiatrist, Frankle realized how we make sense of evil and chose to respond to it determines our path through life. Also formed the basis of his Logotherapy. Another fairly quick read. 

Uncommon Therapy The Psychiatric Techniques of Milton Erickson By Jay Haley. This introduced me to hypnosis, a useful and potentially dangerous art. Erickson practiced what I call Sneaky Hypnosis.

Sneaky Hypnosis puts people in a trance without their permission. Anytime someone says “Close your eyes and imagine” they are inviting you to a trance state. Advertising does this with images which ask you to imagine a more perfect you. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming people teach hypnotic techniques. They have profited by making hypnosis less frightening and more scientific sounding.

Hypnosis a useful tool, but as with all tools can be used for good and bad ends. Hitler was a sneaky hypnotist. Protect yourself by being aware of efforts to put you into a trance. Helps when that is happening to say, “Will do nothing at their suggestion that violates my honor system or puts me or others in danger.”

How to Meditate by Lawence Lashan. I read this long before meditation became so popular. It provides an easy introduction to the art of meditation which calms you, so you can think critically before acting.

And One For Parents of Kids Two to Twelve

One, Two, Three Magic by Thomas Phelan This really works if you do as he says. He says parents talk too much. One and two serve as warnings, three is punishment, usually a timeout. Parents also need to define and enforce most important rules, at least as soon as children start talking. I found it can start when children start walking by using simple sign language. Rules that matter, safety for all living creatures including the self. Then comes protection of property.

And Another For Parents Whose Kids Are Entering Adolescence

Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon. PET has been misapplied to children and has lead to many children feeling entitled. It works well with teenagers who have been taught manners and the Golden Rule by use of One, Two, Three Magic. The essential message for those who think like adolescence is for parents to back off and let natural consequences discipline.

Finally, as I have retired and had more time for studying Torah, I cannot leave it off this list.

Torah is often called the world’s first self-help book. And whether you believe in a higher power or not almost all its stories are cautionary tales and worth reading at that level. 

However, Torah is best read in a discussion group so not just one idea predominates. Minimally, one should read some commentaries by various Rabbis. My current favorite is Rabbi Sacks and the link above takes you to his web page. 

Thank You For All You Do

Please share and watch for my longer list. It will appear in time as a Reading Suggestions Tab. Now a question for you?  What books have help you become all you are today?


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  1. No wonder we think so much alike, Katherine! We’ve read many of the same books. I love the ideas they’ve helped me develop. I love your posters too. They grace our fridge and inspire our grandchildren.

    I will be posting this on my social media sites.

  2. What a great post — and what wonderful reading suggestions, too! It’s a pity so few people have the attention span or the time these days to settle down with a good book; it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, and it’s virtually free!

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