Brain infusion gadget wanted

As a pushing eighty lady, you might think I want a time machine above all else. Wrong. The gadget I want is one to  give a knowledge injection to some I meet.

Brighter than the average bear.

Some people appear stupid, just because you are brighter than average.

Notice when thinking of my gadget, I didn’t say the stupid people I meet. Why? First:  although I know there are some who are truly lacking brain power, these are not personally at fault.  These need empathy, not name calling.

Second:  most people are not stupid.

Third: Moreover, we all think brilliantly some of the time and stupidly at other times.

Fourth: Think about the  Bell Curve as related to intelligence.  Don’t know about Bell curves?

A bell curve  refers to the shape that is created when data seeking a  ‘normal distribution’ is displayed. The center contains the greatest number those with the value in question and therefore are at the highest point. This point is referred to the mean, but in simple terms it is the highest number occurences of the measured event is at the top.  Here is what one looks like:

Picture of a bell curve

My mother, a wiser woman than I knew when growing up with her, never called someone stupid.  Usually, if someone seemed a bit dense about something and that bothered her, nastiest she got was to say, “Ignorant.”

That’s much nicer than stupid because she assumed with knowledge they would see the light.  I suspect that plays a part in my desire for a gadget to inject knowledge into some people’s heads.

A Cranky Old Lady aside:  I particularly want to inject people who put down those of us over thirty. Everyone of us stands on the shoulders of giants and probably of some midgets also. Ruling out any one group of people diminishes all and cuts off important sources of knowledge and wisdom.


Thinking of yourself as more knowledgeable about some things gives you a boost, and is kinder than thinking of other people as stupid.   The trick of course is not thinking you have the corner on certain types of knowledge and must impose that knowledge on others.

Emotional intelligence tip one: Monitor your opinions for their Righteous Indignation factor.  The more righteous you feel about something, the more you have closed the door on other people’s knowledge.  Religious wars are fought because at least one side feels they absolutely know the thoughts of force that controls our world.

Emotional intelligence tip two: Stay open to other points of views or what the Buddhist’s call a “Beginner’s Mind.”  Religions work to shut out alternative views because contradictory views are feared and shake a particular faith.   Not helpful.

Emotional intelligence tip three:  Use rating scales.  Almost everything can be rated and taking a minute or two to give something a rating, forces you to think a bit and thinking keeps irrational feelings from bossing you.

Emotional intelligence tip four:  When in doubt about anything or any one, practice kindness.  Not being kind does not mean putting yourself in danger’s way; you can work to assure that murderer’s are humanely when jailed, but also support that murderers belong in jail.

As always, thank you for all you do. I am particularly grateful to those who practice internet kindness by liking, rating, commenting, or sharing my posts.


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