Brainstorm failure?

 Emotional Fitness Training was my brainstorm in response to the #Emotional_Intelligence movement.  I was looking for a way to entice more people to pay attention to their emotional health.  We all need to work to stay strong emotionally.

Cartoon depicting the lack of normal families.

More seats would be filled if more people practiced the #Emotional_Fitness  Daily Twelve Easy Exercise.

This post was inspired by this daily post prompt: What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? My answer:

My best ideas: Not marrying several men, becoming a therapist, supporting myself, marrying my husband, becoming a mother and a foster-mother, teaching at graduate school, directing mental health programs and finally, retiring and moving to Colorado. And oh yes, creating my third child – Emotional Fitness Training Programs.

Hoped this idea might make a bit of money. Has not happened but I am still proud of this my third child. To learn more read on and then and to practice four of the Daily Twelve, go here. 

Emotional Fitness Training and #Emotional Intelligence explained.

stay strong

Not everyone  can be a media star or make buckets of money.  Still everyone can become an Emotional Fitness Star. How? Remember what matters, practice kindness, laugh and play, forgive, and be grateful for all you have been given.

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas about staying emotionally strong. Your help might make my dreams come true. Every like or comment helps. 




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