Break-ins, Burglaries and Butterscotch ice cream (via MJCache)

Family and a sense of humor make many things easier to bear. Still having been robbed, I found it hard to recover from the violation and when one of the robbers was one of our foster children, the betrayer. Still there are worse events and I hope you have good insurance and do get a big friendly Rottweiler who barks at strangers like crazy.

Nice post. thank you. Also filled me with a bit of envy as you are one of many who shine at blogging and I seem to send my bit of light out from a dark hole that dims its further. Stay strong.

Break-ins, Burglaries and Butterscotch ice cream Greetings readers  Arriving home at ten o’clock at night to a screen door that is wide open, and an ominously ajar front door, immediately filled me with the dreaded sensation of, “Uh-oh I think we have been robbed.” We tentatively walked inside. The method of entry, a brick thrown through the door’s paneled glass, lay on the floor surrounded by shards, which had traveled the full extent of the dining room. Teen #1 picked up the brick and noticed … Read More

via MJCache


    • I still don’t understand exactly how ping backs work. Think I get it, but suspect there is a bit more than just commenting on another person’s blog. . Suspect any one wanting to share knowledge through a blog should know how to use ping. I had enough trouble learning pong way back when. Stay strong.

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