Can an Addict recover without god in the 12 steps? (via

SHARING KNOWLEDGE About God and AA. Think thiis a balanced point of few. When I was attending Alanon groups, it was made very clear, you needed to not rely on yourself, but there was no insistence on believing in God or Goddesses. Good–Orderly Dreiction was the most common explanation for agnostics or atheists, but there was also talk of a Group Of Drunks–recovering, of course.

To me the problem in Toronto is a problem facing the world–trying to force a particular belief on others. Saddens me immensely and is a kind of addiction to self. Anyway, here is another post about addiciton.

Can an Addict recover without god in the 12 steps? I wrote a couple of years ago about my initial impressions of AA/NA through my experience with 'Jim'. There has been quite a lot of debate, and even splintering of groups,  about the need to have god be part of recovery. Little did I know that there have been functioning atheist AA groups that have been successfully been helping alcoholics deal with their addic … Read More


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