KNOW THESE ARE NOT MY MOST POPULAR POSTS, nevertheless. Sooner or later death comes.  You need to think about it enough to control as much about your dying as possible. Doing so is also the kindest way to let your family get on with the business of mourning without worrying about planning your funeral or burying place.

This sad story sparked this post, but the topic will come up again.  The story is a a tale of letting go and conflicting needs: the dying man, his son, his doctor.

His father’s suffering had already been too great.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Make sure you have your advanced directives in order, and  hope to die peacefully one night in your sleep having lived the best life you could, having let those you love know your love, having forgiven all sins against you, having asked for forgiveness from those you have hurt, and finally having asked  those you love to hold caring memories of you, so your love can continue to warm their hearts.

PRACTICE KINDNESS:  Share if you know someone who might find this helpful.  Your sharing will help me and you will know you have done what you thought was right to help another.  Sometimes it takes many people gently nudging another to let the light dawn.  Stay strong and thank you for being there.


IMAGE BY: How Stuff Works

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