Caring people – the true source of Joy

Today’s WordPress Daily prompt asked “What’s your most prized possession?” Not possessions but the key to all my joy. The caring people in my life. p34 Yesterday was not the best of days.  My husband had several medical tests scheduled including an MRI.  We are creeping rapidly toward our 80’s and the group of patients called by many in the health care industry –  Medically Fragile.  Meaning we each have this or that medical problem some that shorten our lives and could prove fatal .

Suffering a bit from a worsening stomach virus after the first test, Hybby decided to cancel the MRI.  Moreover, he suddenly  needed  my help and a wheel chair to get back to the car and safely home.  No, he didn’t need major medical care, just someone with him and able to push the wheel chair and provide some tender loving care. I earned several Merit Badges and his gratitude. He is fine today.

Because of my growing deafness, he always goes with me to my medical appointments. I don’t always go with him, but did today as MRI’s upset him and he wanted to take a tranquilizer.  Turned out to be good I was with him when needed.

All this made me very aware of how lucky I am to have what I call an Added Care Team.  Hubby is one, but I live near my youngest son and both of my sons care and are there when needed. Then there are my friends including the new friends from  Aish, our shul, and finally, there are my Social Media friends.

And yes, I am proud that my family cares, proud that I have friends to count on and all lift me up and give me joy.  Lucky, lucky me.

But not all a matter of luck, for I work at thinking about what matters, being kind, nurturing others, practicing forgiveness  and being grateful.  I have done my part in building a following of caring people. I suggest you do the same.


Much of the quick advice circulating on Social Media these days, advises dropping people who pull you down.  Understandable, but short-sighted in the long run.

In times of stress and strain, part of life in the long run, we need a team of family and friends to keep us moving ahead. As I pushed Hubby around yesterday and thought about this, I was glad we hadn’t dropped each other and as with many long term relationships that was not alway easy.

When trouble visits a friend or disagreements arise, you can get pulled down, but staying the course is wiser than too quickly dropping friendships or family relationships,

Dropping relationships or friends too quickly,  runs counter to what the sages of the ages and current research matters most: having social support.  Which is why forgiveness is one of Emotional Fitness Training’s Twelve Easy Exercises. Forgiveness is key to keeping relationships alive.

Added bonus: Learning to forgive adds to your emotional strength and increases the odds you will have a strong Added Care Team when trouble visits and trouble will visit.

Thank you for all you do to Practice Kindness. Liking, commenting, or sharing any social media you find helpful is one way to be kind. It may seem like a little, however, doing a little matters a lot.


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