Chaos Creates Creativity – Tips To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Quote about ChaosArtists turn chaos into beauty or high thoughts.  We can do the same, with the smaller chaos found in everyday life. How? Two ways.

First think about what matters. A messy desk? if you can find what you need, that is all that matters. Dust bunnies under the bed? Getting rid of them daily only matters if severe allergies are a problem.

Then take pleasure in creating order. Get rid of that sink full of dirty dishes or the clutter on your tool bench, then pat yourself on the back and feel good.

Parenting Tip? Start the little ones picking up after themselves as soon as they can walk and carry trash to the trash can, toys to the toy bin, or dirty clothes to the laundry basket. Early training endures.


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These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

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I am resuming efforts to post Daily, but in doing so, will try to limit most  posts a smaller  size, using mainly Poster Coaches, Jokes, or exercises. I will not post on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays unless I can manage to do one ahead and schedule it.

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