Funny test to see how OCD you are

What matters? Not  how perfect something is, but how kind you are.

If you nodded your head ten times while reading the above, you may be more than the common neat freak.  Severe OCD is a mental illness that  makes you cruel to yourself, but also to others.  To better understand how devastating OCD  can be, read this Mom’s blog.

Also think about the politically or religiously obsessed who not only try to convert you but if sufficiently obsessed who will kill you for challenging their beliefs.

What to do?

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Practice moderation. If you find it hard to resist neatness or correcting urges, hold back more. Dust Bunnies are not vipers, good ideas should beat out grammatical correction, maybe your friends likes crooked pictures.

Tip two: Be grateful if you are not among the most afflicted.

Tip three: Get good therapy when needed. That is when your OCD clutters your life with rituals and perfectionism that interferes with relationships, daily life or leads to violence in the name of beliefs.

Remember  turning the “I” in illness to a “We” is where wellness begins.

Thank you for all you do.

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