Emotional Fitness Training® is about thinking logically.  Most of us think we do, but unless we think carefully, our emotions often lead to logical fallacies – what some call twisted thinking.

Emotional Fitness Training's Blog Post  about faulty thinking and cliches

We are all guilty of faulty or twisted thinking.  Moreover, such distortions ease much stress with no harm done.  On the other hand, part of being emotionally fit is the capacity to code reality correctly and that requires straight thinking.

Emotional Fitness Tip

When cliches are no longer comforting you are probably too stressed; trying to do too much; dealing with difficult people; or difficult times.  Definitely time to check out your thinking.


I am planning for the next two or three months to ease a bit on posting.  My hope is to try to post regularly, but short posts.  One way is to continue exploring logical fallacies.  Leaving tomorrow for a road trip. Watch for some pictures from me along the way.

For all you do to share and care, thank you.


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