Luxury: Wants Versus Needs

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If dying of thirst in the desert, the craving for water is a need.  Buying Fuji water is a luxury. If starving during a drought, the craving for food is a need. Insisting on gourmet is a luxury. Suspect we all agree on that.  However, the items on your bucket list, the car you crave, the urge to buy yet another coat when four hang in your closet are luxury  wants,  not needs.

Here’s a dilemma to think about. Your bucket list wishes fulfilled, the car you buy, that unnecessary new coat provide jobs for others so their needs can be met. What to do?  Here are some tips.

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

The more you have, the more spending can be an act of kindness, but best when spent generously and wisely.

Tip one: Do not exceed your means. The spend mentality is foisted on us by the ad people and the media; it lures too many into debt.

Tip two: Include fun and indulgences in your everyday budget of money and time. Lots of fun things are free. Small indulgences like that yummy chocolate bar are in reach of almost everyone’s budget.

Tip three:  Make your charitable giving more than what you spend on fun and indulgences.    

Tip four:  The more you have, the less you need to buy at sales, thrift shops or to accept perks and gifts aimed at the rich and denied most others.  

The super rich do not need to trade in their cars, they need to give them to staff and others.  When one of three or four home is the only one used, family, friends, and staff  can be given the keys to others and you can spare the before you return sanitizing. Better yet, leave staff there to tend your quests as you would be tended. The more people you pay the fewer in need.

 Tip five:  Figure how much you and your heirs really need and give the rest away. Give some to trusted charities, some to other family and friends, and some to strangers you meet on your journey through life.

Tip six:  Remember what matters, not how much you have, but how much you give. 

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