A post prompted by this Word Press’s Daily Prompt: How important are clothes to you?

bikini versus Burka

I love it when a cartoon makes my point.  Different strokes for different folks.  The power of personal beliefs roiling our being.  Not good.  Needing to think negative thoughts about another points to uncertainty and negative thoughts within.

Now to answer the question. I dress first for comfort and then for my audience.  I loved my bikinis when I was younger and I fully understand how safe a  chador, hijab, burqa might feel. I wear a hat when most others do, dress modestly when a plunging neckline might offend.

At the same time, I can most often be found in jeans, without make-up and age dyed silver hair.  I am happy with me and so is my husband and that makes me even happier.

A last confession about  me and clothes:  I never understood why some women didn’t like appreciative whistles from some of the men they walked by.  I always accepted the whistles  as complimens. Some act as if a whistle is the same as a rape. Just not so. Once again, the power of your belief system making much of something.


Only one tip today:  Our emotions control how we judge others. The more passionately we feel about someone’s outward appearance the more we pre-judge and prejudice is pre-judging.

The more passionately you feel or think about something, the more you need to step back and think harder. We are all delusional in one way or another and the delusions of rightness we hold about religions, cultures too often keep us apart. Not the way to bring peace to any of our worlds. .So look beneath appearance, you will often be surprised to discover how alike we are when our hearts stand naked before another. 

stay strong

Meanwhile, stay strong by remember what matters, finding time to laugh and play, be with beauty, practice kindness and to say “Thank you” as often as you can.

Be kind to me by liking or sharing this post if you have found it helpful. Thank you for reading this.


PS. This is my 1600 Emotional Fitness Blog Post. I’m proud of that and how to get to 2000 some time in the future – if my brain holds out and the world stays togethter. Thank you for reading.


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