WHO OR WHAT HAS LEFT YOU IN THE DUST?  Topic #321:Write about the one that got away. Perhaps it was an idea, a friend, a job or a lover. Describe the moment you knew you lost something you could have had.

Feeling cranky about some of the topics andwas going to let this one get away. But then I took a deep breath and decided to keep on trucking.  Thought I would also challenge myself.  How?  If  a post made me cranky, I would exercise my Cranky Old Lady voice and try for some humor.  So a quick list of things that have gotten way from me:

  1. My tonsils, appendix, gall bladder  two cataracts, a number of teeth, some hair with more going every day; all the hearing in my right ear, half in my left;  my balance; some calcium; unwrinkled skin; a slender, sexy body. Not what you wanted to hear? Life is tough, aging tougher.  Deal.
  2. Cross country skis that tore all but one ligament in one knee,  meant  six months on crutches and an end to all skiing.  A lot of pain doth make cowards of us all or at least of me.
  3. Five horses: I think some would say the horses got away, not me.  Whatever.  Of the five, one stomped on my foot, broke it;  one forced me to let go by sending me over a jump while she stayed behind–broke my  wrist; another exploded  not for any reason  I could figure out, he left me with a broken back–but not severed spinal cord– lucky; the other two just dumped me and  ran off leaving me to walk home.   Unlike skiing, pain did  keep me from getting”Back in the Saddle Again.” Unconditional love of horses.
  4. Many men.  I didn’t marry until into my thirties.  And yes,   I got away from an equal or greater  number.  Who would marry someone who complained about the fact that when you ate potato chips you made a crunchy sound?  No thank you Doctor, not even with all your money, honey.   Or the one who always excused himself by saying he had to go “Tinkle.”  Then there was the celebrity who had a different girl each night, but didn’t have me.
  5. Friends:  I finally gave up on  two, I am a giver, but even I have a limit.  Three close ones I would like to be touch,  but they have apparently given up on me.  Hope remains that some day they will be in touch again.  That is  a fairly good ratio and Facebooks.   I still have fairly regular contact with  best friend from kindergaren, two from high school and ten or eleven from college.  Facebook and blogging have brought loads of new friends and a few old friends back into my life.  Love social media. Beginning to sound un-cranky.
  6. My memory, not all, just the short term stuff–what’s in a name you can’t remember.  Still have a great memory book of a good life and Crank Lady plans to hang on to those memories.  Why she writes

Uncranked and need do to a bit of serious writing .

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