Topic: The 365/6 day posting challenge: What will your blog theme be for the year?  Have been thinking this over, had I more time, more energy, more techie smarts, I would probably have polled my readers.  Rolling rapidly toward my 75th birthday already consumes too much energy to diddle with learning all it would be nice to know.  So using my weakening memory, I recall you all like humor.  I know you don’t like rants–unless they parallel your personal rants.  Then today  Word Press told me what was your favorite post of mine from last year and it landed like a rock in my Cranky Old Lady’s handbag.  Almost pulled me to the ground.  Click here to read it if you want. If you don’t just keep your foot on the brake and keep reading.  Soon I will reveal the subject.

A side crank: 136 people viewed my most popular post.  So thank you, but did you all hate and despise what I said, for only 2 pushed the like button.  Can’t believe all the remaining hated or didn’t like what I had to say.   Sharing and caring is the way I try to cut my crankiness. When I was young and walking the streets of Manhattan, I would LIKE  strangers by finding something to complement.  Always got me a smile and lifted my spirits.

No longer sashaying those mean streets, the easiest way to share and care now  is to push the LIKE button when browsing the internet.   I LIKE lots particularly on Facebook, but also on the Post A Day Challenge. (Small crank against word press–to like a post I have to go to it and that is tiresome particularly if it is a photograph, so why not have an easy to read like button on the Daily Post Page. I retweet some which is a way of liking.  Loving a post  and I will  reblog.

AND YES I know Word Press wants to drive traffic to people’s blogs, but I am sure the monkeys could figure out how to let us at least like the photos we like without wasting time we Cranky Old Ladies  feel we don’t have.  End of digression.

The post everyone visited started with this headline:


Cranky Old me loved that this was my most popular post.  Not that I oppose to happiness.  Not at all.  Love it when it comes my way.  I oppose to the idea that Happiness should be a life goal.  I  also oppose  the selling of happiness as something obtainable if you just want it bad enough.  Lies, lies and in my wildest fantasies I set all the happiness guru’s pants on fire and that includes Oprah’s panties.

Two other things have pushed me toward my topic for the year.  I end all my posts with  “Stay Strong.”  Recently there  a spate of posts gave  complained about such advice.  If I thought I was powerful I’d think the all referred to my motto.  Alas, that would be seen as self-reference–a symptom of I might be a Crazy Old Lady.

I did find myself saying to a few, Staying Strong might mean curling up in a ball like a hurt kitten and mewing your heart out.  Life gives us plenty of times when that is all we can do.  I define Staying Strong, the way Bishop Tutu defines forgiveness–a conscious decision to forgo revenge.

The second push came from reading  Copyblogger or so my faulty memory hopes,  He/she/it suggest oppositional posts got heaps of traffic.

And that so fits into Cranky Old Lady’s persona.  So I intend to keep promoting my little Emotional Fitness Business via Cranky Old Lady.  Sometimes she will attempt to be funny, sometimes she will just be cranky, but always she will br contrary.

When just being Cranky will post my Cranky Old Lady at the Target range.  Here is that one.  

I was not born this way. Or perhaps I was, but my mother often remarked she did away with my Aries temper by the time I was two.  Anyway I married the dashing young man who is now but still holds my heart even though he is now a Cranky Old Man.  I most value him and want to shoot him  because he always says what he means.  Always–the man cannot say he likes one of my gourmet meals even if everyone at the table is gushing, eating seconds, and thirds and sighing when there is no more.  Cranky Old Man always comments on  the flaws and he always finds one.   Think he undid my mother’s training.  So be it.

Plan also to include Staying Strong Tips in my Cranky Old Lady posts but that is not a promise and I promised that once before and my memory failed.  Also do not promise all errors that the  annoy grammar=obsessed will be eliminated.  I have never promised that, my brain won’t allow it.  Need I remind my readers I suffer not just from the leaking brain of those bouncing downhill but also am learning disabled.  I do what I can.

Staying Strong Tip.  Do what you can, usually good enough is good enough.

Share, care, LIKE, and stay strong.



    • Maybe just doing what you want when you want it is good enough.

      I would like to send you, the first chapter of my novel with the contract between us that you will only ask for another chapter if you find you want to keep reading. I am interested in when the attention or desire to read more lags. I printed it up today and am trying to finish my efforts at editing. Get very discouraged when I see mistakes I have missed in the many other efforts to edit.

      I gave my husband the last page to read and he said it brought tears to his eyes. Made me feel better about what I am trying to do.

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