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SORE FEET MAKE ME CRANKY.  YOU TOO?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE WHETHER OLD OR YOUNG.  Post 2 of the 365/6 project.  You look at a horse’s teeth to tell its age. Why  “Long in the tooth”  means past your prime.  But you examine the horse’s  feet to know how sound the animal is.  Some horse-traders have been known to file down the teeth.  Spawned unscrupulous used car dealers.

My feet scream Old Lady: bunions, crooked arthritic toes and just for unbeauty’s sake–toe fungus.  Quick Tip:Cranky Old People are not the only ones to get a fungus so this is a tip for all.   . Vicks Vapor Rub keeps the fungus down.  When I remember to use it twice a day fungus retreats. One foot is fungus free.  Probably forget the other foot half the time.  Anyway, I digress

Keven Pho, who has a great medical news site had this great post on the type of shoes standing  MDs should wear.  The post was by  Mary L. Brandt, MD. and appeared first in the Physician.  Too lazy to read the article, here are the main points:

  1. Get shoes with good support
  2. Get shoes you can slip in and out of, so you can stand barefoot some of the time.
  3. Get shoes with good ventilation.
  4. Top recommendation: Dansko Professional clogs
  5. Clogs generally ranked high on her list.

Cranky Old Ladies on limited incomes cannot afford Dansko.  Not that I know the exact price, but couldn’t find it listed on their webpage, doctors buy them–didn’t search any further. Definitely out of my price range unless they show up at Goodwill.

Dansko I plan to buy when I win the lottery and have gifted all my friends.

Not sighing for I have a ten dollar pair of garden clogs, a ten dollar fake fur lined slipper clog and a twenty-five dollar–on sale dress clog and a thirty-five dollar fur-lined outdoor clog.  Only other foot ware in my closet is a fake fur nineteen dollar UGG-like boot (Ugh I call them )for when the snow is over an inch deep on the sidewalks.  Rarely wear the UGH  ones  as Cranky Old Man has to walk the dog on those days.  There has to some secondary gain to being on a blood thinner. Bet all my footware cost less than one pair of  Dansko  professional clogs.

I may be a Cranky Old Lady, but I do have Happy Feet.

Stay strong.  Here is today’s tip.  Life gifts us with pain as well as pleasure.  Pain relievers sell and sadly there are many not nice horse-traders and used car salesmen hiding among the good guys,  gals and products.  Become an educated consumer.  That means reading lots, talking to friends on the same boat. experimenting and finding what works for you.  One shoe does not fit all.

Care, share, like, keep this Cranky Old Lady moving ahead.



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