THINK YOU ARE A  99%ER?  THINK AGAIN.   TOPIC 20  A STORY OF STRENGTH.  Cranky Old Lady supports efforts to make the greedy share more.  She knows many are suffering.  She wants every one to have enough to eat, a safe place to call home, adequate health care, access to education,  and meaningful work, She says that up front hoping to avoid a deluge of rotten tomatoes or the computer equivalent.

So here is what will get some people aiming at me,  the 99% ers in the USA are 1%ers. Ducking and dodging missles from those who disagree.

This 99%'er's story will help you think about what matters

Get more of your rotten tomatoes ready for I also believe if you are reading, this no matter if you are jobless and fearful of becoming homeless,  you are also a 1%er.  You have access to hope, you have connections, you are on-line, you are free to express yourself, you have the knowledge and strength needed to do an on-line thing.

Alice Herz-Sommer is also a 99% today.  But not throughout her life.  She is now the world’s oldest holocaust survivor.  Here is one of her quotes:

I have lived through many wars and have lost everything many times – including my husband, my mother and my beloved son. Yet, life is beautiful, and I have so much to learn and enjoy. I have no space nor time for pessimism and hate.”

You can read more about Alice by clinking here.  You can also watch Tony Robbins interview her by clicking here:

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Albert Ellis or one of his followers coined the word “Awfulizing” which meant essentially turning emotional mole-hills into mountains.  Awfulizing  intensifies emotional pain.  Alice probably had times she had to stand bent over in pain, sobbing, and hating all that was happening.  She also had the emotional strength to eventually step out of pain and do what she could to move ahead.  She did not dwell on what had been or wring her hands as a victim.  And that was not will power alone, she was lucky she had  music as an ally and the talent to be one of the Jews needed to convince the Red Cross, Hitler was not exterminating anyone.

Now Cranky Old Lady knows one person’s molehill is another’s mountain. No different than the idea that one man’s trash may be another man’s treasure.   Moreover, you feel your pain, not the pain of a distant sufferer who is dealing with the 1%er position Alice dealt with at times during her life.  Nevertheless rating your pain is one way to take back personal power.

Here is how Cranky Old Lady rank’s everyone’s position on the 1%er scale.  Here are the ten  horrors  true 1%ers live with daily.

  1. Living in a war an actual war zone, whether soldier, sailor, or collateral damage.
  2. Living in an undeclared war zone which exists in many countries and cities where the most powerful can kill, torture, imprison at  will.
  3. Being  tortured, imprisoned or threatened with the same because of your race, religion, social status or for speaking out against torture, loss of freedom, oppression.
  4. Starving and watching those you love starve.
  5. Not having access to safe water, or having to walk miles each day to bring water to your home and family.
  6. Not having a safe place to sleep each night.
  7. Living in a violent family where people are beaten daily.
  8. Not having access to rudimentary health care.
  9. Living in fear of sexual molestation and rape either in your home or community.
  10. Not being able to learn to read or write.

Now, Cranky Old Lady has a hard time counting beyond 10, so her rating scales always end at ten.  That explains why she thinks the people claiming to be 99% in the USA or across the world who have access to computers, have learned to read or write, and have the strength to do so are not 99%ers, even when living with any of the above. So rant back at her if you want but that is her rating scale and almost none of those claiming to by 99%ers meet any of her criteria.  Even if living where people don’t have water, if you have a computer, you are in that community’s 1%.

Sometimes being grateful for what you have works far better than awfulizing. Cranky Old Lady is happy people are protesting greed, but also hope the protests don’t leave the true 1%ers poorer and more oppressed.



Share, like, and care.  Help me, yourself, and others get and stay strong.


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