TOPIC 22.  SHARING RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE Do you know anything about Hinduism?  Hindu’s not allowed to answer.  What I know in general: Saris, red dots, many Gods, Sacred cows and as with most things you don’t know too much about, some of the less savory elements.  Here are few facts.

  1. Hinduism is the world=s oldest religious tradition; it goes back to the very dawn of history.
  2. The hymns composed some 5,000 years ago are still recited today.
  3. Hinduism is the third largest of the world=s religions, after Christianity and Islam.
  4. Nearly 800 million people or one-seventh of humanity call Hinduism their spiritual home.
  5. Millions more in South and Southeast Asia and in the Far East trace their spiritual roots to Hinduism.

Yesterday’s post was a bit about Christianity.  Much you probably already knew.  Browsing through saved drafts, this popped up.

Sanjay Patel: A Hipster’s Guide to Hinduism | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine.

Looking for another point of view I found this.


Enjoy. Cranky Lady did.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Venture out from you own little corner of the world or the beliefs you hold sacred to learn about other cultures and religions.  Do so with an open mind, but also don’t be blind to the cruel aspects.  Try to understand how they come about.  Understanding what drives the other person’s beliefs builds tolerance.  Lack of tolerance, what I call the Belief Wars, endangers all.

Now a little crank.  Too much tolerance can be dangerous.  It becomes condoning violence.  The issue can be very complicated, but often is not.  Almost every sacred text says be kind.  Many say, be kind only to those who worship the same God in the same way, “Kill the others.” That is not the way of a loving creator.

And yes, before you Crank back or throw the computer equivalent of rotten tomatoes, I know most believers are not fanatic killers.  I only wish more would speak out against using religion as a basis to kill.


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Image from the Smithsonian Article. 

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