Cranky Old Lady no longer gives stuff unless it is re-gifting to Good Will.  Hope you do the same or else DIY, buy from local handicrafters or make a donation to a charity in the giftee’s name.  Young children exempted and  when pre-teens and teens put money on their wish list, give them some, but also give in their name to a charity they will related to.

My personal favorite?   Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Israel.     One of my first students at CUSSW, Libby Reichman founded  BBBSI.  Born and raised in NY, Libby attended the Lincoln Square Synagogue.  Shlomo Riskin, the founder and Rabbi  of that synagogue  converted me and then joined David and I in wedlock. .  Soon after I joined the tribe, Rabbi Riskin  examined  his heart and moved to Israel.   Libby and her husband  were one of the ones following him there.  Cranky Old Lady wishes she had had the courage to do the same.

Libby founded  Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Israel.   She recently retired.  The program is very special, well run, and your gift will help change a child’s life.   Click the link  to donate.

Other charities I give to include Kiva.   I give Kiva to those I don’t know well but to whom an obligatory gift is due.  The money is given as a loan and you are paid back.  Your giftee  can then decide to keep on giving or reclaim  the loan.

Heifer is another good one.

Salvation Army also good.

If you are a Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, secularist, atheist  or  some other  not celebrating Jesus’ birthday, volunteer on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at a food kitchen or a hospital.  Volunteering is a great way to give and to teach your children to do the same.

Finally, Play the Rice Game at least once a day:  don’t know that one.  Click the link,  it serves four reasons:  Playing is fun, playing exercises your brain, playing increases you vocabulary, and playing gives food to the very hungry.

Share and care.  Doing so  makes the world better and you stronger. Love you all.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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