THE END IS NEAR.  I am not referring to my downhill ride.  I plan to be here a bit longer than January 1st.  But the first is the day this challenge of trying to post every day for 365 days is over.  I am extremely grateful to Word Press and Scott for pushing us to do this.  Cranky Old Ladies have to practice gratitude to counter balance the cranks.  Thank you Scott Berkun.  Not sure how to get this thank you to him, but hoping he will see.  Ah, think I will post it as a topic suggestion.  Brilliant Cranky Lady.

This post was prompted  by the  fact that I think today’s prompt was also yesterday’s prompt.  Think Scott  is getting weary and do not blame him one red or blue or silver cent.  Nor am I unhappy, because two of my posts were deleted yesterday and after I launch this, I can re- launch them.   So lets all think a bit about what we have gained and thank Scott.

Did you make or break the 365 post goal?  I did more than 365, but only by cheating–I posted almost twice every day, and some days, did as many as four or five posts.  Put post a day in the tag line of every one.  Have I mentioned before that I am the obsessive part of obsessive compulsive.  Compulsive means seeking a certain perfectionism–often a crazy one, like checking the front door a hundred times to be absolutely, perfectly certain you locked it.

Obsessive usually means over thinking and in my case overdoing things.  That’s me.   Anyway, back to topic.  I am absolutely, perfectly certain I posted the required amount. I am also certain I posted at least 200 or 300 posts on topic.  Shaking a Cranky Old Ladyfinger at those who didn’t.   Some people just put up a post each day saying they were doing the challenge. Same post every day.  The humor faded rapidly.  I have noticed recently that along with some of my multiple postings, those  posts seem to have vanished.  Glad the easy way out ones no longer show.   Not so happy about mine.  You do you recall  I am a Cranky Old Lady?

But don’t take the above crank seriously, posting on topic was not part of any rules I ever found.   I did work to keep at least one of my Daily Posts on topic for the first six months or so.  I felt doing so was a creative challenge.  Then creativity went to way of the easier cultural post-on-any-topic- you-want norm.

When Cranky Old Lady emerged from my fingers and made a debut in my posts–thanks mainly to the modeling of those of you with true comedic talent-The Laughing Housewife wins my Post-A-Day Most Laughed at Award.  The Award isn’t  worth anything, not going to fancy it up, my time is too limited,  but she does have my heart.  Also need to mention I have found a few Twitterers who  make me laugh.  Re-tweet some their jokes to my blog.  Some day, I will add a laughing blog roll; at the moment, I am too busy trying to finish my novel.

Finishing my novel brings me to the NaNoWriMo challenge.  Didn’t take it.   Rules said couldn’t work on a half-finished novel.  I do have few of those sleeping somewhere my computer.  Instead I  used the challenge to ramp up work on my Merlin novel.

I fell in love with the Merlin stories when I read T.H.White’s Once and Future King.  Great morality tale that should be on every one’s must be read now list.  Too many think it is meant for children, not at all. Children love it and Disney has made a fortune on it, but is very much a satiric book for adults and relevent to the world  crises  of today.

Write what you love they say, I love Merlin tales, so I wanted to write  a Merlin novel.  Only I got stuck.  Characters kept wanting their story told and it looked like the novel would never end.  Then the idea that a novel needed to be only 50,000 words  put me in an entirely new place.  The Star Wars sequel, prequel thing  opened other windows. Voila,  the light dawned,  I had been writing three or four novels in one.

I picked my favorite–Merlin as an abortionist–I am a pro-life and pro-choice person.  The novel will probably offend everyone on either side of that fence.  Offending in literature is good for sales.  Right?   Hope so.  To end a long digression, I set my own NaNoWriMo goal: to reach 50, 000 thousand words and end novel number one,  actually novel number three or four by November 30th.

I am on the last chapter, have hit 48,542 words  and while a bit behind the goal, am very pleased with what I have done.  Current plan, finish this week.  Revise and pad a bit the rest of December, send it to three readers I trust for comment, revise one final time; February to a copy editor–saving my pennies; March get it formatted;  Publish it electronically on my 75th birthday–March 21st.   Will take some pushing,  the Life Force willing, think I can do it. Particularly if I don’t stay obsessed with blogging.

Now the real purpose of this post was to do a shout out to Scott Berkun the mastermind and driving force behind Post-a-Day.  Thank you Scott.  You have done a magnificent job and from a Cranky Lady that is double praise.

Your turn. Please take time out to thank Scottfor  I will be very cranky if you don’t and my husband will suffer.

Care, like, comment, and share or not, but do stay safe and strong.

No Write More Month.

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