TOPIC 6:  BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH  — Okay, I’m cheating.  So what are you going to do about it?  Burn me at the stack? Any way, ff you the text of my Be With Beauty Post don’t read further.  It’s the same stuff.  Here it goes.

Islam and Christianity  are based partly on the sacred writings of the Jews. All three see the rainbow as a covenant between G-d and his people. His, hers, its people is more to my liking.  I think G-d is unknowable and assigning a sex was a man thing.  A minor Crank just to keep up my image.  But this post is a major  crank  about what daily slashes the heart of  my cranky nanny granny goat.  Not really a crank, but a sad realization of how we are destroying our world.

As we move toward  annihilation, the rallying calls are not of G-ds love, but  “Kill the Jews” and “Kill the Christians” and “Kill the Sunni’s” and “Kill the Shi”te” and kill the “Sufi” and  “Kill the Druze” and”kill the “Baha’i.”  G-d must be weeping.

After I had dipped myself in the Mikvah–ritual bath that is part of the conversion process,  and had been pronounced a daughter of Sarah and Abraham, the Rabbi said,  “I have taught you the law, now it is between you and G-d how you obey it.”

Isn’t it  time to stop killing in God’s name?  Let S/He/It decide who to sent to the fiery furnace and who to embrace with love and let we the people end the Belief Wars.  The only way to do that is as  the great Rabbi Hillel said, “What is hateful to youdo not do to your fellow.”

Hillel  said this when asked to explain the Torah while standing on one foot.  He believed the many laws contained in the Torah were explanations of how to keep from doing what others find hateful.

Hillel predated Jesus by about fifty years.  I believe Jesus was spreading Hillel’s teachings.  But the golden rule is found some where in all sacred texts.  Christianity perverted and any religion seeking to force its way on others perverts what the man Jesus tried to do.

As long as we the people assume it is up to us to decide we know the one true faith, and enforce that by killing the infidel or heretic or non-believer, the powerful will always have rocket fodder.

But as my Rabbi said, G-d is the judge, not man. If all the world decided to stop the Belief Wars and let G-d judge everyone of us  after life on this earth, we might have peace on earth. The only judging man should do is of criminal behavior and those laws were set out in the Noahide laws, the first being to establish courts of justice.  Four of the laws forbid murder, robbery,  sexual misconduct,  and cruelty to animals.  Two remaining two laws are not to worship false idols and not to commit blasphemy.

I accept the law against idolatry as a reminder not to worship things, but think G-d has to judge that.  As Jesus said, it is harder for the rich and powerful to get G-d’s love than the poor and down trodden.   The law against blasphemy means respecting  people’s religion particularly those who teach and preach their faith and abide by the Noahide laws.  This law play a part in our current wars of belief and allow some to judge  and kill others based on religion or faith. Not G-d’s way.

Share, care, be kind, oppose violence, but not self-defense.  Dry G-d’s tears.  S/He/It may not flood the world again, but S/he/it may let us burn in our own fires.

Love you all

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