GOING TO REPOST YESTERDAYS SAFE DRINKING RULES MOMENTARILY  Will yell out the heading Six Safe Drinking Rules so you don’t need to waste time reading it if you have.  Why? partly because I am a lazy as well as cranky old lady.

More lazy than cranky as my grandchildren are coming soon while their parents hit the ski slopes.  For any number of reasons we do not eat turkey turkey day.  Why, turkey is usually on sale Black Friday, the super markets are less crowded.  Tomorrow is Shabbat and lazy fat me long ago rebelled against  cooking or eating two big meals  in one week.  For the skiers in the family, the slopes are almost empty.  Finally, Thanksgiving Day Traffic is God’s version of hell for small sinners and while Black Friday’s Traffic is another small hell, our Shabbat Thanksgiving started long ago.  \

Also not so cranky as yesterday apparently all my various internet friend’s good thoughts cured my muscle spasms.  Maybe there is that Great One in the Sky.  Anyway Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nevertheless a Crank:   Lots of people loved yesterday’s post, but Word Press didn’t for someone  pushed the delete button and it vanished from Postaday.   I rushed immediately to see if had ended up on Fresh Press.  Always hopeful as well as cranky  (and yes a vain old lady and do check stuff like that. )  Well, I haven’t hit the academy awards of Word Press.

Then again, perhaps, just perhaps, both the Food Network and WordPress are conspiring to abolish Safe Drinking Rules.  First the Food Net Work ignores them and now WordPress deletes them.

Then maybe they just don’t like Cranky Old Ladies.  Or don’t like me because my computer overflows with posts.

Or the deleter knows at heart an AA visit is long past due.  Sigh.

Reality check. Probably  a machine is programmed to permit only so many words or so many posts from one source.  I did ask about the rules surrounding number of posts.  Have asked several times in several places, about such rules but those posts have been ignored to date.Maybe people don’t just ignore us old folk, maybe we and our posts actually are invisible.  Wait, they see us to take our money.

Back to number of post questons.  I do often see the same post repeated two or three times.  When you are old and retired  and vain, you can check on things like that.  There is one guy who wanted to post every day, he just posts that  post  over and over again.  Then there is the guy who every day has two posts exactly the same side by side. These have to be guys, no lady would be so creative or so lazy–laziness sparks creativity.

Whatever, and moving ahead,  I intend to report the Six Safe Drinking Rules every day for awhile.  I am thankful they gave me an excuse to do so  by deleting me.

Share, care, and stay safe, and thankful.


  1. Katherine I think you really are on to something with this Cranky Old Lady stuff! I love it! I’m concerned about the wordpress thing..are you saying that anyone can delete us? I’ve never checked to make sure I stay on there…scary…you may not have hit freshly pressed but I am saying the Cranky One should!

    • I agree about the Cranky Old Lady. Hard, however, to always keep the humor going. Still will try. And I do think it may have to do with the number of times I post, I post a lot and almost always put it on postaday. Assume you are among those eating turkey today. Enjoy. Thank you again for your support.

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