Two Words To Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

 Truth is in the eyes and brains of the believer. When trouble brews ask “What if I am wrong?” Or “What if they are right?” or “What if we are both right or both wrong?” The two words “What if” jump start Emotional Intelligence. 

Quotes by Pinter, James. Link to EFT blog post about truth. Quotes byThe stronger we believe we know the truth, the more we cling to that truth. Doing so limits thought and deadens critical thinking.  Truth does exist but is not fully understood even by scientists.  Need an example?

We experience the earth beneath our feet as solid. Scientists know it teems with hidden fractures and holes; an earthquake could find you swallowed in an instant or a flood see you and the earth beneath you washed away. Moreover, scientists only guess when earthquakes or floods will visit and where.

What to do?

Emotional Intelligence tip one: Mostly go about your day with the truths that comfort or seem true.

Emotional Intelligence tip two: When a strong feeling wants you to get into useless arguments about truth or urges you to act violently toward another do not heed the urging of that feeling. Feelings want to you act quickly and without thinking. Stopping, calming down, and then thinking about if and how to act keeps you out of trouble.  

Emotional Intelligence tip three: The voices around you shape what you think is true or false. They form a band wagon of beliefs you jump on to or off of. Such beliefs form part of your personal experiences. Thinking critically means challenging all voices of authority surrounding you. 

Emotional intelligence tip four: Make “What if?” a slogan reminding you to think critically. 

Emotional intelligence tip five: The smartest way to act is always with as much kindness as possible. 

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A special thank you to Glen Welch for letting me use his Fallacy Ref to illustrate this post and the accompanying Poster Coach. 

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