WHEN TO STRIKE FIRST? A SHORT AND SWEET ANSWER  When your enemy not only camps on your borders, sends advance killer patrol to your country in disguise, but openly vows to exterminate you and is perfecting the necessary weapons to do so.  It is not just Israel that is under attack, but they are always an easiest target, their enemies are much better at public relations, and the world usually goes after the Jews first.  Maybe I am a Cranky Old Woman,  that does not mean I am wrong on this one.

Topic #316: In our individual lives, and international politics, when is it acceptable to strike first? Is it ever ok? Or are there only special circumstances that justify it? Have you ever attacked someone first? How do you feel about it now? Or are there times in your life that you used restraint, that now, looking back, you wish you hadn’t?

Fortunate that in my personal life, I have not had to strike out first.  Can think of only one incident that I wish I had not been so polite and restrained.  I told a boss I had decided to resign as I had a better job offer.  As I was drafting the letter, he sent me a pink slip and then spread the word that I was a problem.  Not a nice guy. I survived and  have had a far better life then he who if not already dead will die lonely and miserable for that was what he was all the while I knew him.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  You have not only the right to defend yourself from attack, but the obligation to do so as soon as possible.  Sometimes a quick first strike knocks a bully out of the ring and prevents greater damage.

I pray for Israel and all the free world.  Others are definitely out to kill.

Share, care and stay strong.

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