My back hurts, my turkey was tough, and I even used a Food Network recipe–well sort of, but that is another post topic,  I have only now been able to get on-line.  What is one of the first things to assault my aging eyes. Daily post challenge; Topic #317: What are you thankful for? Well, I could be crankier, but am cranky enough to post a contrary list of the ten things that do not fill my heart with love and thanksgiving.  Not in any order except for the last few.  I am not thankful for

  1. That people including the Food Network, did not say thanks to me for posting the safe drinking rules.
  2.  People who do not pick-up dog doo, particularly when it is right where I usually walk.  I am tired of carrying little blue bags and picking up what others should.
  3. When trying to get promised information from any number of media sites and I have  to click through five or six links or fill out a form that only ends up cluttering my email box with mail.  The Laughing Housewife knows what I mean.  And related to this, Free E-books that are only ads asking you to buy something.
  4. Teenagers and adults who should know better using X-rated language in the presence of more sensitive ears, particularly children, but others as well.  I really don’t mind properly placed F—s or words of a similar nature; some people do. Know you audience is a good rule for all to follow all the time.
  5. People who can’t walk five steps to a trash can and turn pristine parks in to hog heaps.  My apologies to the hogs.
  6. Drivers who either zoom in and out of lanes or those who drive below the speed limit in the passing lanes.  They turn me into a driver who zooms in and out of lanes.  I don’t thank you.
  7. People who quarrel with my grammar or point to a misspelled word rather than honor my words of wisdom.  I am learning disabled, thank you and yes, I do fall short sometimes But I am a critical thinker and mostly you start correcting my spelling or grammar because I have made my point and you don’t know how to refute it.  Knowing that makes me a bit less cranky. Still I don’t thank you.  Hurts because I also know children who suffer the same disability end up feeling stupid and shamed which only makes being LD more difficult.
  8. Beggars who harass me, but are probably making more a week then i get from my monthly social security check.  I give give  if you make me laugh or play a song or dance a little jig.  Moreover,  and much to some people’s upset,  I often drop a dollar on  a drunk lying on the street in a stupor.  Then  I am sure where the money is going. But mostly I do that  because I know if he can’t get a drink he will probably die.  You get that kind of knowledge running a mental health crisis team in the South Bronx–for those of those not in the know, the South Bronx  is home to some of the poorest people in the United States. Many are honest, a few not, some so beaten down their only peace is in knocking themselves out with liquor or drugs.
  9. People trying to convert me or re-convert me or seeking to bring anyone to their particular G-d.  Makes for mucho problemos in our world and as a wise poet once said, “If God be God, God be love’ or something close and I guarantee no God of Goddess worth worshiping is jealous or nasty if you prefer a different deity.  My G-d blesses all who try to live by the Golden Rule which for your information was first forth  by a Hindu long before  the good Jew Jesus uttered it.  He was quoting one of the Rabbies he studied.  So I bless you, but I don’t thank you.
  10. That bullies seem to rule, because they either have the most money , the post political power or the will power to be meaner than the rest of us. I don’t thank or bless you.

Thank you, ranting makes me less cranky, means I will keep shooting at the target range, not in public or at my husband.

Be warned, however, I’m far from done.

Share, care, complain, bless, forgive but stay safe so you can grow strong.


    • Yes that is me. My husband bought a pistol almost as soon as moved Colorado, two years ago, but only agreed to take me to the pistol range two months ago. I out scored him and he has made sure to luck up the gun ever since and I do not know the safe’s combination. He is worthy of killing somedays, but I realized this weekend, that having found my Cranky Old Lady’s Voice may have saved his life.

      Just reposted it with out the picture. Would like to control which pictures go up with text and which just as pictures, but WP is determined to keep that secret.

      As always thank you for your support. Don’t think I can be funny cranky every day, but am having fun regardless and she will appear faily often.

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