Topic 325 Do you think it’s ethical to use unmanned drones in war?   Cranky Old Lady would like to point out that war is not ethical unless fought as a matter of self-defense and then you fight to win. Fighting to win means everything and anything is ethical.   Drones keep our men alive to fight another day and that may just keep us alive.

A second crank.  War would be more ethical if fought to the death  in a sacred circle by the leaders of both countries.and the victor then be put to death immediately, along with his or her top officials, family mistresses, CEOs of war profiteering companies,  and talking heads that promote mis-information and divisiveness   The dead opponents  top officials, family, and mistresses of his opponent, war profiteering companies.  and talking heads  would also be put to death whether it was a war of self-defense.

Raising children who liked to fight, I learned punishing both was the surest path to peace.  In a few cases common sense said other wise.  Cranky people have a great deal of common sense. Mostly un-recognized because no one listens to people over 30 unless they are Rock Stars, movies stars or retired athletes.

Have a good day, share, care, like, whatever.  Stay safe and strong, it is a hard life out there and that creates crankyness.


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