TOPIC 47  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WORD   Don’t think I have one.  Sigh.  Some one said “Food,”  I said yes and thought immediate of sleep, both extremely pleasurable.   Others posted the sound of words they liked.  Those didn’t grab me, but I agreed the sounds were nice and  serendipity was liked for  the meaning and that did speak a bit to me.   Awesome was another and I like being filled with awe, but have heard too many cries of “Awesome” for not awe-inspiring stuff.   A mother proposed expletives.  Well, it took me several years of analysis to overcome having had my mouth washed out with Old Dutch Cleanser because of the F-word and I do enjoy shocking people’s ideas that I am a strait laced old ladies my demonstrating my ability to give a good F— once in a while.     Raunchy was listed and I could relate, but found it a bit like awesome.   A NASCAR fan listed NASCAR.  Not for me.  Seriously was another and that made me wonder why people hadn’t posted words like Peace, Hope, Love.

I am hungry and need to get dinner, so think I am going to settle on the F word.  Which in many circles has been so over used that it is almost meaningless as an expression.  Still maybe because I was traumatized when I asked my mother what it meant (I didn’t even say it, wasn’t sure how to pronounce it and having seen it on a bathroom wall spelled it out), I like proving I can say it.    Right now it heads my list.

People have provided definitions of their favorite word.  I was in high school when I looked up the meaning of fuck.  It means to have sexual intercourse.  It derives, if my memory serves me correctly,  from a Latin or French word meaning to plow.   Sad that what can bring so much pleasure became for a time the word most likely to offend.  Maybe it is a good thing that it has lost its power for many.  I think all things considered, however, it remains my favorite word and even as an old lady one of my favorite activities.   Keep caring and stay strong., I’m trying.

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