Describe the worse driver you’ve ridden with.  That had to be my mother’s mother.  Nona she was called; she didn’t like being thought old enough to be a grandmother.  I thought her too old to drive although I suspect she was only in her early sixties when I had to ride with her.  She was super cautious and we would sit at stop signs for what seemed like hours to the seven or eight year old I was at the time.

The main problem was not one of putting us in much danger.  She drove too slow for that.  The problem was that she was a stop and go driver.  She didn’t know how to let the clutch out smoothly, so starting up was always a jerking forward affair.  Once she had shifted into third gear, her foot rode the brake and jerking forward continued.  Made me sick to my stomach and that meant she really didn’t like having me with her.

I wish I could say, she had strengths that made you love her bad driving and all.  Sorry, not all grandmothers are nice.  She is the first and one of very few people, I can say I actively disliked for as long as I knew her.  She mooched off my parents each winter when her summer-house had to be closed.  As soon as it was warm enough to open that house, she’d pick a fight with my mother and leave the house yelling so all the neighbors could hear about how abused she was, how we turned her into a slave.  The truth was, I don’t remember ever seeing her take her own plate to the kitchen.  I never heard her praise any of her children, never saw her hug my mother, and she ignored my brothers and I unless she wanted us to fetch something she had left in her bedroom.  She died when I was about twelve and my mother wept, but I didn’t.

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