Topic #92: An out of control train is about to run over a pile of happy puppies. You are standing at the control switch and can pull the level to direct the train onto a different track, saving their lives. But that other track has a smaller pile of equally happy puppies on it. What do you do and why?

Clearly, you do what you can to help the most you can.  Puppies or people, you save the people.  Twenty puppies and one person, you save the person.  Puppies and Hitler, you save the puppies.  Puppies and any other,  mass murderer–Stalin, Saddam, (you get the idea) and you save the puppies.   A common murderer, you save him or her.  I don’t believe in the death penalty and I do believe as much as I love dogs,  that people deserve saving, more than puppies.  Call that species pride.

Right to Lifers–I do no believe abortion is mass murder and those who do have their priorities a bit wrong;  G-d granted choice in two ways–contraception and abortion.   You advocate against both, and women die because of your actions.  Even in G-d’s eyes the living are worth more than the yet born, otherwise choice  would not be  permitted

I would hate choosing  to let puppies die,  and if I let the puppies die, I would follow the First Nation tradition and beg their forgiveness.  I would not ask the mass murderers forgiveness, that is beyond human capacity and up to G-d.  Let God judges how we use such gifts.

Caring and staying strong.


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