SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE,  DIDN’T  Had a good day in many ways, but continuing to struggle with divided focus.  Lovely morning, Ben here and David’s course is done so for the first time since the pool has been open this year, two of us could work on introducing him to the water.  Ben is cautious, what the experts call “Slow to warm up.”  I have had him to the pool three times this week and while he has enjoyed sitting on the first step and kicking, he protests going any deeper either in the main pool or the hot tub.

Today, David ignored his protests and took him more fully into the water.  Think it also helped that David and I could take turns actually swimming.  Ben loved watching us swim up to him or dunk and come up spitting water at him.  By the end of a half an hour he was relaxed and half floating.  When he started getting cold, I took him over to the hot tub and although he protested a bit, with David as an example, I was a bit more insistent and he ended up playing with another little boy and enjoying himself and got warmer a bit quicker.

The end of the family time was that it was Pizza night at the Legacy, can’t beat the price of $5:00 for a large with any topping;  Amy and Dan joined us, so I added salad and fresh strawberries to the menu.  A nice family time.

With David home, caring for Ben was a shared experience and I had plenty of time and energy to get a blog post up and I did want to finish the trio of posts on Free Will.  Well I didn’t and I am not happy.

Nor am I happy with my blog.  Sigh.  Need to stop rambling and get a focus and a schedule and figure out what will draw more readers.  Not now, however, Whisper wants walking.  She is slowly slipping into what the doctors call frail old age; what I call  nearing the bottom of the downhill.   That sadness is draining  much joy and energy from me.  At my age, you know exactly what’s coming, hurts when you go to the doctor’s office as I had to this week and see whose further down the hill.  and it hurts more when it comes to ones you love.  Sigh again.  This is a  venting post.  Anyway, I’m going to walk the dog and go to bed.

The actual post challenge for today was do I need another social network.  Prompted by Google’s newest attempt.  Not I do not, but suspect I will be joining it and checking it out.

Missed a few other post challenge questions.

Do I like the window or aisle seat?   Have to be on the aisle in an airplane, have to have easier access to the bathroom.  Aging bladder.

Would I take a risky red pill or a safe blue one.  Depends on the day.  Today, the blue.  Maybe tomorrow the red.

Anyway, good night.

Share, care and stay strong.

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