AMERICAN MONSOONS?  Did you know part of America was Monsoon country?  According to Wikipedia: “The North American monsoon, variously known as the Southwest United States monsoon, the Mexican monsoon, or the Arizona monsoon, is experienced as a pronounced increase in rainfall from an extremely dry June to a rainy July over large areas of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. These summer rains typically last until mid-September when a drier regime is reestablished over the region.”

According to my son Daniel that also means lots of snow this winter which will mean far too much work for his company, but money and hopefully some overtime for him. Time will tell.

I didn’t know about these seasonal rains, but am living through the a typical monsoon season  in Colorado.  Last year was not a strong Monsoon year; this year is.  The mornings are clear, crisp, the sun heats us up, to 90 and  then the clouds roll in bringing intense thunderstorms, heavey rains, flash floods,
 and rainbows like the ones pictured here.  I took the one above in Conifer, the next ones were taken out of the our car beginning at Route 85 also known as the Santa Fe Trail and continuing on to Lucent Avenue past the Kaiser Permenante Office where I get my medical care.  It looks at one point as if there was going to be a triple rainbow, but that didn’t happen.

I love thunder and lightning storms. My mother used to take us out into the back yard to watch, not the safest thing to do, but I loved it, particularly when the rain would come down and drive away the heat and give me what my mother called “Nature’s shower.” I remember catching raindrops on my tongue and thinking I was drinking nature’s water, not the water that came through our faucets. Today’s children seemed raised with too much fear.

Share, care, and stay strong.


  1. Zach and Max left last night on the Red Eye. we all had Chinese Food up at Dan and Amy’s, wathced Shrek II, I think it was, and then drove to the airport into a thunderstorm,which rumbled away more in the distance.The pictures at the bottom were taken two or three days ago coming back from dinner out. The top one is an old one, but thought it would do as my daily Be With Beauty Post.

    Friday, we visited the Valley of the Gods and drove part way up to Pikes Peak. Will post some pictures there.

    The house is now too quiet, will slowly get back to posting more regularly. Sad the family doesn’t all live in the same area. . .

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