IMAGE by http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/prefab-modular/greenhouse-home-from-sustainable-materials-075712  Not my dream house, but a mini version.

The question of the day:  Describe your dream house.  

For many years when I have thought about a dream house, I recall a house profiled in House Beautiful probably a good thirty years ago.  It was a make over of an old industrial greenhouse, set in what was now a meadow.  Half of the green house was a swimming pool and the living room and dining room took over the remaining end.  A wooden, fairly modern building replaced the end of the greenhouse that was the living/dining room, there was a corner fireplace and wide sliding doors leading into a large modern eat in kitchen; the rest of the house included an office, bathrooms and four  bedrooms.  Decks surrounded the entire house.  The greenhouse part was filled with greenry, had shades so you could adjust the amount of sun.  Remains my dream house.

 Care, share, and stay strong.



  1. Hi Katherine, that picture of the house is so not my version of the dream house (the setting maybe but definitely not the).

    I like your description better.
    Btw, did I tell you that I am an architect?
    (..have been designing my dream house inside my head for years !!)

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