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The question of the day:  Topic #200: In honor of reaching topic #200, what in your life would want to have 200 more of? Some people say they want to live longer, but would you really want to live for another 200 years? Others claim they want to be smarter, but how would you get along with your friends if you were 200 times smarter than they are (assuming that’s not already the case)? Perhaps you’d like a new car, but would could you possibly do with 200 more of them?

For questions like this I  have pretty much the same answer–money.  Now I would probably be delighted if I could stay at my current level of health for 20 years, but never 200;  2oo more months would give me almost 20 more years, but no guarentee of success, I need partners, helpers.  My learning disability has held me back and so has the lack of expendable cash.  Family survival has always come first. We’ve had enough, but never any to spare.

So I would like 200 tax free savings accounts each with $200,000 available for my personal use, no strings.    200 lottery tickets that would add to about the same amount once taxes were paid would also do. Why?  I could secure my children and grandchildren’s foreseeable future..  Then I could hire the help needed to perfect and properly market Emotional Fitness Training so it could “Do Good” and become all I want it to be without worrying about the Making Money part of  business motto.  I would have plenty left over to give away to my favorite charities and that would include  many of the good people  I know personally who could do with a bit of luck–mainly I suspect mortgages paid, college loans paid,  a down payment on a home, that kind of stuff.

Care, share, and stay strong.


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