Yesterdays,  Daily Post Challenge question: What would make you move?  

Such an easy question for me to answer that I didn’t.  I moved two years ago from the Bronx, NY to the Denver, Colorado area.  Big move and three things contributed.

The picture is of the first reason: Being asked by our youngest son to move to their area and be a support to their then expected baby; second reason:  retirement which lead to the third reason–couldn’t afford NYCity rents. The picture to me speaks of how lucky we have been and how contented we are.

It was hard to leave East Coast family and friends and that is an on-going source of sorrow, particularly when it comes to first son and grandson.   However, other than that, we have never really looked back filled with deep regret.

My spirit feels very at home here, being part of Ben’s life keeps us young–we provide two to three days a week child care and that is just the right amount.  Expecting grandson number three adds to the joy.  I love the dry climate, the mountains, the plains, the cowboys, and our great medical care via Kaiser Permenente,  and have adjusted to the altitude.

What would make me leave here: If the kids move.  We all hope that won’t happen, well maybe in the middle of winter we couldn’t mind living in California near the ocean.

 Care, share, and stay strong.

IMAGE by me

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