Topic #208: Make an argument for why weekends should be longer.

No, I am not for that.  it would play havoc with things as they are now.  That said here is one of my on-going rants about what I think is needed to improve the economy and the quality of everone’s life.   The work day should be limited to 8 hours including two coffee breaks and an hour for lunch with  no expectation of taking work home or being on call 24/7.   There should be no contract or part time employees.  There should be no welfare.

The government should be the employer  of last resort and should pay for an eight hour day, minimum wage job, with  full medical and retirement benefits, and wages taxed.  No one can hold a second job.

Relatives  who provide in-home care for a parent, sibling, a child under the age of six or a handicapped child would be among those paid by the government  Pay does not increase if caring for more than one child or relative. (In exceptional cases two family members can be paid.)

Protective services for children, the disabled and the elderly would prevent abuse. Probably with less work stress there would be less abuse.  Either social security administration or the IRS would administer.

Advantages of this system? More jobs open and one of the major problems with our economy is the lack of job.  Everyone works. Everyone is taxed.  Have a sneaking feeling it would cost no more than our current welfare system, but would probably reduce profits.   I have more than a sneaking feeling that it won’t happen.

Too many people in power focus on profit and not people.  I see proof of that in every major store I go to.  The cashiers are not allowed to seat.  At least in Europe that is permitted or so I am told.  I suspect a time and money guy decided sitting cashiers work less hard.  Makes me angry.  Our whole system makes me angry.

So that’s my rant.  Do I feel better?  No.  But at least I am posting to the question.

 Care, share, and stay strong.

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