WHAT WAS THE BEST IDEA YOU EVER HAD AND DIDN’T ACT ON?  IS IT TOO LATE?  Not my best idea, but the best tonight, it is too late to do justice to the topic.  I had a great day caring for my grandson, I’m tired and going to bed.   So good night all.  May all the best ideas that you  didn’t act on, get revived, thrive, and make the world a better place for you and all the rest of us.

I don’t consider myself lazy–tonight I am.  Generally, I am more of a scattered, perfectionist, too  easily discouraged, and somewhat of a workaholic.  Ask my family, they will agree to all four ways I have described myself.  That said, I got my image for this from Lazy Generation site: warming the f word is used in what appears to be a list for lazy people.

Once again, good night.

 Care, share, and stay strong.

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